This Sunday we celebrate that uniquely American event, the Super Bowl, number 55 to be exact. It is an unmatched celebration of sport and commerce, something that people either love or loathe. As others analyze the historic passing prowess of each team, we will share some thoughts about Sunday’s events from our own colored lens … from a canine point of view. 

First, let’s examine the game’s star quarterbacks—Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. We’ve written about Bradys’ love of dogs and profiled their pack of four rescue pups. It turns out that Mahomes also has a thing for dogs, he lives with two—a Cane Corso named Steel, and a Pitbull named Silver. To the untrained eye, Mahomes’ dogs may appear ferocious but from the many photos posted to his and the dogs own social media accounts, both dogs look like loveable couch surfers. We like the fact that Mahomes and his…

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