A boy and his dog are out to show that air pollution can be a lot worse closer to the ground—specifically, right around the height of a toddler or a stroller (and of many dogs). Surprisingly, that’s not the zone where air pollution is monitored in the UK, which has some of the highest asthma rates in Europe. There, the monitors, mounted on lampposts or signs, are nearly five feet off the ground.

Tom Hunt, a teenager from Chesham, wants to change all that. And what better way to bring attention to the problem than by hitting the streets with a portable air monitor strapped to his Labrador Retriever’s collar? Bagheera—Baggy for short—is the perfect height to test the air a child would breathe. And with her glossy black coat and dedication to the task, she’s turning heads even in Parliament.

The team collected evidence by walking the streets of Chesham, a commuter town about…

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