One of the most important and most preventable diseases that your dog (or pet) will undoubtedly face in his lifetime is dental disease.  The Royal Veterinary College of London (RVC) published a PDF in 2002 that stated periodontal disease is the most common infectious disease of adult dogs.  Did you know that it affect over 87% of dogs that are over the age of three?  That is a lot of dogs, living with a preventable disease!

The truth is that your dog’s oral hygiene and care of his teeth and mouth is just as importance as your oral hygiene and the care of your teeth and mouth!  Not only will good oral hygiene play a major role in freshening breath; it will give your pet healthier teeth and reduce plaque and tartar

Could you imagine what your teeth would look like if you only brushed them once a month, once every 6 weeks, or perhaps never at all?

I often hear…

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