There is very good news after Tuesday’s vote from Denver. The voters there approved Denver Measure 2J that modifies the ban on Pit Bulls that the city has had since 1989. It won overwhelmingly too with 64.5% in support to the measure. While not repealing the ban outright, Pit Bull owners were given a path to legally own their dogs. They will have to register their dogs with the Denver Animal Protection to obtain a breed-restricted license, be limited to two per household, the dogs must be microchipped and this license will have a higher fee than other dog breeds. They will also have to provide a full description of their dogs, provide two emergency contacts and, obviously, be current with a rabies vaccination. Then at the end of a three year period, if the dog doesn’t have any violation, the Pit would be allowed to be registered in the city like all other dogs.

City law defines a…

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