Much as we might wish it were so, we can’t just put any two dogs together and expect them to strike up a friendship and share endless delightful play sessions. To connect your dog with the right play buddies, keep compatibility considerations in mind.

No matter how much we may think a pair of dogs would be great together, ultimately, the dogs will decide if they’re going to be BFFs, or even just pals. We can maximize the likelihood that a beautiful friendship will blossom by keeping the following considerations in mind.


1. Do they have compatible play styles? Sure, most dogs love to play, but they may not play the same way. There are dogs who love to play chase, running back and forth with one another endlessly; to engage in rough-and-tumble wrestle play; or play stalking games. Some dogs are much calmer in their play, preferring to gently bat at each other with their paws or…

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