How to Safely Compost and Recycle Pet Waste

What better time than now – when the pace of life is slower for many of us – to take steps that will lighten your pet’s carbon paw print to barely visible?  Use the flow chart below to choose a way to recycle pet poo that’s customized to your living quarters and the amount of time and energy you want to put into the project. It’s easy!

Once you get into the rhythm of your system, you’ll find that you’ve switched from a habit of trashing to a habit of paw-friendly sustainability.

How Much poo do our dog and cats produce? Lots! Take your pet as close to zero waste as possible. Don’t trash dog poo! Turn it into fertilizer for plants. It’s easy and not smelly if you do it right.

You can recycle pet waste using any of the processes below. Use finished material to enrich soil for house plants or flowers, trees and other…

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