A primary bone tumor, osteosarcoma is one of the five most frequently diagnosed types of cancer in dogs. Research has found correlations between these tumors and a dog’s weight and height.

What is it?

Osteosarcoma (OS), the most common canine bone cancer, accounts for 85 percent of all skeletal tumors, or roughly 25,000 cases annually in the U.S. Biologically aggressive, it tends to arise in the distal radius of the forelimb (above the carpus or “wrist”), the tibia/fibula of the hindlimb as well as in the femur. However, OS can also occur in other bones and is sometimes seen in the vertebrae and pelvis.

According to a report presented by a pet insurance company at the 2016 AVMA conference, “Disease prevalence starts to climb in late middle age, peaking from age eight to 11, after which prevalence declines in step with the typical lifespan for large and extra-large dogs. Gender…

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