There’s yet another study out about a dog who knows the names of dozens of different toys. Whisky, a Border Collie in Norway, has done more than learn that each individual toy has its own name. She has also shown that she can categorize items into different types of toys—ropes, balls, frisbees and rings—without prior training.

Whisky learned the names of 59 toys prior to the study just by playing with her guardian, a man named Helge O. Svela. He would tell her to go fetch a toy by name and play with her when she brought the right one. He is not a professional trainer, but he loves to spend time with Whisky and taught her a lot in the process.

Her knowledge of toy names was tested by two researchers in animal behavior, Dr. Claudia Fugazza and Dr. Ádám Miklósi, and reported in a study called Depths and limits of spontaneous categorization in a family dog. They found that Whiskey…

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