Sometimes, a book cover is so entrancing that we buy the book just for that. It doesn’t happen often, but it does occur now and then. This happened to me recently. I was so enamored by the cover and title of Good Karma that I immediately bought the book. Then, unknowingly, when I saw the cover two months later, I bought the book again! Oh well—someone is going to get a nice Christmas gift.

Good Karma is a delightful book with a charming story, eccentric but well-developed characters, and not just one but two great dogs: a Boston Terrier named Karma and a harlequin Great Dane named Sequoia. (Can one imagine a better name for a Great Dane?)

The dogs don’t talk or share their thoughts (alas) but the lead characters make up for this omission. The main character is Catherine. She and her husband, Ralph, have moved to a community that seems to be a kind of retirement oasis on an…

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