It’s easy to love all the time that you spend with your dog, but that doesn’t apply to all the time you spend on your dog. Just as human kids do, dogs require an investment of time into mundane tasks. Minimizing the time we sink into some of the necessary parts of being dog guardians allows us more time to have fun with our dogs. Here are a eight time-saving suggestions for anyone sharing life with dogs.

1. Stuff multiple Kongs at once and freeze them. It takes a long time to stuff a Kong with special treats at the bottom, a mix of kibble and wet food throughout, and a tempting treat at the top. I like to do a half dozen at once so that I save time. By only setting up my supplies once and only cleaning up once, I’m more efficient. After using the first Kong, I have 5 more in the freezer ready to be used with a few seconds of effort.

2. Cut up treats and freeze them in small…

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