From a dog’s POV, humans can be perplexing. Convinced that our dogs value the same sorts of affectionate gestures as we do, we kiss them, we hug them, we buy (and make them wear) little hats and dresses. It’s not too far-fetched to say that they’d pass on a lot of these things if given a choice.

Things You Do That Your Dog Hates

Here are a few things on most dogs’ “no thank-you” list—things they wish we wouldn’t do.

1. Pat them on the head.

It’s a gesture meant to convey affection, and many people love to do it. But patting our dogs on the head is not popular with them. Most of them dislike it and will move away to avoid it. They do usually enjoy having their heads—including their ears and the sides of their faces—smoothly stroked, which is more likely to make them happy, keep them near and cause them to lean in for more.

2. Hug them.

Every time a dog trainer or…

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