I have a terrible tendency to misunderstand people when they say “Zoom meeting.” It sounds so much like “zoomies,” which have been a part of my life for so much longer. I’ve enjoyed dogs who have the zoomies outside in the yard or at the park, running in wide circles in the open space, as well as inside with dogs leaping over the coffee table and running along the back of the couch. Zoomies are one of the most beloved and charming of canine behaviors. Why do dogs get zoomies? Find out below.

Here are 7 things to know about zoomies.

1. There’s a technical term for the zoomies. Technically speaking, zoomies are frenetic random activity periods, or “FRAPS.” It has been proposed that FRAPs allow animals to relieve stress, let out stored up energy, handle excirement and play, but the function of frapping is still not known.

2. Zoomies involve furious bursts of speed. Dogs…

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