We get it! No matter how cute the little rascals are, puppy-wrangling can be exhausting. Fortunately, there are ways to make it easier on both of you. Here’s a hint: routines and well-chosen toys are your friends.

Adopting a puppy can bring a much-needed source of joy and unconditional love into your life, but it can also bring anxiety, exhaustion and frustration (often called the “Puppy Blues”).

The cycle of cleaning up messes and constantly removing household objects from those tiny teeth can become overwhelming, particularly if you’re also working from home during this time. As much as we love our pups, sometimes they just drive us up the wall.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed after bringing home a puppy (especially when you’re running on little sleep!), but you don’t have to struggle through this juggling act alone. Here are six strategies for coping and managing life…

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