Ahh, the ‘Karen’. We all know exactly the type of client this is, although the Karen can come in many forms. She’ll believe she’s above you in every way, and that the world revolves around her. “The customer is always right” is her favorite expression. It’s probably the mantra she repeats to herself during her morning yoga routine.

Karens will have unrealistic expectations, and threaten to destroy your career if you ever have the audacity to not meet them. For example, this is the kind of client who would likely not understand that you’re a groomer and not a vet, but will expect the same types of services out of you. Then, when you can’t provide them, she’ll demand to speak to the manager, potentially start filming, and promise to leave you a scathing review online.

A Karen will be your best friend until you do something she doesn’t like. Then the beast will…

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