Convincing my partner to adopt a dog took years.

From a very young age, I had known I wanted to join the Peace Corps, and thankfully, my partner was supportive. Three years into our relationship, I was accepted and left for Mongolia. I joked that when I came back, as soon as I got off the plane, we’d take a taxi directly to the animal shelter. Halfway through my two years in Mongolia, he proposed, and I began planning our wedding. As it turns out, wedding planning is difficult, which put my plans for a dog on hold.

 Once the seed for a dog has been planted, it grows until the desire is unbearable. I found myself wandering through Central Park pointing out every single—and I mean every single—person with a dog, asking, “Why does she get a dog and I don’t?” This started as a joke, but after our wedding, it turned into a serious question. The question became harder and harder…

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