Here’s a confession: Eavesdropping is a source of great joy for me. I don’t do it with malicious intent, and certainly not on purpose. It’s just that what other people say interests me. Whether a person is talking about a book they just read or what their son’s teacher had to say about a recent incident, comments made by others capture my attention.

Usually, I just take in what I hear, but at the dog park, it’s a different story. Some of the overheard comments make me nod my head in agreement, while others make me cringe. Here are some of the statements I’ve heard at dog parks, as well as my reactions to them.

TRUE: “The dog park is not for every dog.”

 Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Dog parks can be absolutely wonderful experiences for many dogs, allowing them to play, run off leash, sniff in open spaces. However, there are also plenty of dogs who experience the dog…

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