Resolution time is once again upon us. After a year as traumatic as 2020, it may be worthwhile to reflect on improvements and changes at a more personal, down-to-the-dog level. Keeping our goals simpler and closer to home might make it easier to achieve them, too. 

We tapped our colleagues and dog pals for their resolution ideas. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Volunteer with animal shelter, a dog rescue group or a neighbor. Check in with your local animal shelter and ask how you can help; most have dog-walking or other programs to give dogs one-on-one time in and out of their kennels. Many rescue groups depend on a network of foster caregivers to get dogs ready for their forever homes; step up and give fostering a whirl. Or, do you have a dog-owning neighbor (senior or otherwise) who’s under strict stay-at-home orders? Ask if they’d like you to walk their dog.

2. Teach your…

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